About Us

AutoEnvelopes.com supplies high quality machine insertable envelopes that are made to inserter specifications. These envelopes are designed to the exact specifications recommended by Neopost and Pitney Bowes for use in their inserting machines.

We have helped many people fix problems with their inserters over the years and we found that oftentimes the problem was improper or low quality envelopes. That is why we started this business: We make it easy to get the best kind of envelopes that will run smooth in automatic inserting machines.
Our specialty is table-top inserters and we know all these machines very well.

We work directly with a custom envelope manufacturer to produce these machinable envelopes to our specifications.
Our envelopes work great in Neopost Inserters, Hasler Inserters, Formax Inserters, FP Inserters, Pitney Bowes Inserters and Secap Inserters.

We are located in Fort Worth, Texas USA.
To contact us, use the “Contact us” link at the bottom of the page or


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