How To Store Envelopes

Envelopes are made of paper and paper is sensitive to humidity. Envelopes need to be stored in a temperature controlled environment such as an air conditioned office.
Our Machine Insertable Envelopes are engineered to have the best shelf life possible and not be too sensitive to the storage environment. However, please be careful where you store them.

The envelopes MUST be stored in an air conditioned room with a temperature between 55 and 85 deg F and a humidity level between 30-50% to prevent any damage.
The envelopes must be used within 12 months of delivery. Envelopes are not meant to be stored over 1 year.

If envelopes get exposed to humidity for too long they can develop:

  • Warping: Each envelope can warp along the paper grain causing the stack of envelopes to be crooked. This may cause feeding problems in the inserting machine.
  • Gum Sticking: High humidity can cause the gum to become sticky and prematurely seal the envelope shut. It my be that only a small section of the gum is sticking but it will still cause a problem. Our envelopes are designed so that this does not happen as easily as most envelopes but it can still happen if humidity levels get too high.

Remember: To get the longest shelf life from your envelope stock, store them in an air conditioned room with low humidity.

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