Measuring Envelopes for Custom Sizes

If you would like us to consider making a specialty envelope for you, we will need your specific measurements before we can give you a price quote.


Measure size of envelope width and height. (The side that opens is the top)
Measure window(s) size width and height
Measure position of lower left corner of the window measured from the left side of the envelope and from the bottom of the envelope. So window position measurements will be “distance to left” and “distance to bottom.”

Other Specifications
Send a picture of an envelope you are trying to replicate showing both the front and the back with the flap open. Or send a drawing.
Let us know the paper weight and color if known.
Let us know what your application is and what automation machines you will be using it with.
Let us know how many you use on average in 1 year and how many you plan to purchase at a time. (We recommend you only keep on hand the amount you plan to use in 6 months.)

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