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Automatic table top inserters have limitations on the envelope types they can use. Many specialty and common envelopes have long flaps or flaps with sharp corners that will catch on things and cause jams. We supply machine insertable envelopes that work smoothly and meet the specifications that the inserters were designed for. The rounded corners on the flap and in the opening help to reduce jams for trouble free inserting. There are also several other factors that are required make a good machine insertable envelope. If you use a different type of envelope you will have more jams and may not even be able to run at all.

We work directly with a custom envelope manufacturer to produce these envelopes to specifications.
Our machine insertable envelopes work great in Neopost Inserters, Hasler Inserters, Formax Inserters, FP Inserters, Pitney Bowes Inserters and Secap Inserters.

Our machine insertable envelopes have specifically designed features:

  • Flap length
  • Flap type
  • Throat depth
  • Gum
  • Envelope construction
  • Paper weight
  • Long shelf life features

These are some of the specifications from Neopost:

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