#9 White Business Reply Envelopes for Neopost Hasler Formax Pitney Bowes Inserters Box of 500


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#9 Machinable White Business Reply Envelopes for Automatic Inserters

Box of 500 Envelopes
#9 Commercial Envelopes (BRE)
24lb White
OSDS Diagonal Seam
No Window

3-7/8 x 8-7/8 inches

These high quality envelopes can be inserted into our #10 envelopes for inserting machines.
Compatible with most automatic insertion equipment.
Gummed flap with diagonal seams.
Moisten flap for a permanent seal.
These are intended to insert into #10 envelopes as return envelopes. It is not recommended to try to machine insert anything into the #9 envelope since it is too small to be filled by most inserting machines.
If you need printing on these envelopes we can print them for you. Contact us.

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